Floating World Shader Part 1 – Initial Plans

Over the bank holiday I worked on a number of shaders in UE4 based on work by Owakita. I love her dreamy, pastel aesthetic and wanted to try it for myself.

I’ve written a number of posts breaking this down, and these can be found here:

Part 2 – Sky Material
Part 3 – Post Processing Material
Part 4 – Gradient Fresnel Material
Part 5 – Ocean Material

The finished product!
Comparison between Owakita’s original work and my recreation of it.

Reference Breakdown

Initially looking at the work, I broke my project down into a post process, gradient and gersner ocean material. In future blog posts I’ll be covering how I did each of these stages!


At this point I listed some features I thought each shader should have, but this did change a fair bit over the course of development.


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