Finished the VFX, Broke the Lighting


Made the last final tweaks to the fx – adding alpha and size scaling over life to the smoke and spending god knows how long tweaking colours…(That one made me rethink this whole art creation thing and made me want to go write some scripts!)

I attempted to make some changes to the lighting and sky sphere and pretty much broke everything. I’ll polish that up and then probably call this done.

I’ve got some ideas regarding other types of kickup vfx for different terrain types and new shaders, but the system for the particle spawning is so horrible (reaed: raycasts every frame) that I’m tempted to ditch this and possibly come back for a total refactor later.

Sand Kick Up VFX WIP

Working on some sand deformation and kickup shaders and VFX at the moment – here’s a work in progress shot!


For the while particles I’m using a delayed emitter spawning from the position of the pink ones, this is to simulate sand breaking up as it moves. I had considered making a flipbook texture for this and using less particles, but after looking at reference this seemed the best approach.

I’m planning to do a whole lot of VFX work in the coming month, and I’m going to be using this blog more in order to document my progress. That means I’ll be posting a lot less in depth technical or tutorial type stuff and a lot more short wip stuff like this!