Nanoreno Week 4 – Finished!

I’ve officially completed NaNoRenO2020! Its a really good feeling since I’m pretty terrible at finishing game projects normally!

You can play the game at


Most of this last week was dedicated to proofreading. This should have been the easiest part of the project really, but having my full dialog script inside of my game code made it quite tough. Spellcheck picked up on a lot of things it shouldn’t and it wasn’t super easy to write in flow when there’s game code dotted about.

It made me think about writing a tool to parse dialog from a text document/spreadsheet  into .rpy files. At the very least I think next project I want to think about a file structure that allows me to keep game code and dialog separate.

Overall Experience

Overall this game jam was a great experience – I finally finished a game! Its led me to have a bunch more VN ideas, so expect to see more of that in the future. First though…I have a shader I want to write…




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