Commodore PET Model

I’ve been working on a model based on the commodore PET. This is kind of based on the 2001 environment I started, and hopefully it might come together with it.



I changed the shape of the PET a bit as I wanted a more rounded, sci-fi-ish model.




Started this off with some very basic textures and was a little worried it wasn’t going to come off as at all realistic.


I added corner dirt and general grime to the body and screen textures. It may be a bit overkill but it does lend more realism to it. I may tone it down a bit later. The grime is a bit low res which I’m not super keen on.



Screen Shader

I made a uv shifting shader to do a blinking animation for the ready screen. This was surprisingly difficult – considering I’ve done something like this before I thought it would be quite easy. Clearly need to brush up on my shader math!

The texture is set up with two identical halfs, with the blinking block added to one of them. The shader jumps between the two halfs.




Launcher Tool for Max Finished!

All the functionality of the launcher tool for 3DS Max is done! I still have to add all the other programs (not even sure what yet – at least photoshop and unreal) to the roster, but the basic UI, reading and writing ini/json and editing project configs is ready!

The new addition since my last post is the ability to edit what I’ve been calling “project profiles”. The user can now change the save location and associated ini file for each of their profiles so that projects can be updated and maintained.


When pressing “edit ini” the user gets the same ui as when creating profiles, however a bool is switched to prevent a new dictionary and json entry, instead editing the profile that the user has selected at the time of the button press.


Now that I’ve hit a good point with this, I may take a hiatus from it to focus on art. I’ve not done an awful lot on the 2001 project and would like to work on that for a bit.