Floating World Shader Part 2 – Sky Material

As talked about in my last post, I’ve been working on some shaders based on work by Owakita. Here’s part two of the breakdown!

I’ve written a number of posts breaking this down, and these can be found here:

Part 1 – Initial Plans
Part 3 – Post Processing Material
Part 4 – Gradient Fresnel Material
Part 5 – Ocean Material

Sky Material


The sky material for this project was pretty simple, as I made a copy of the base sky material found in the construction script of BP_Sky_Sphere, and replaced that reference with the copy.

BP_Sky_Sphere Construction Script

Inside of that copy, I replaced the scrolling clouds texture with my moon, and the stars with my stars. I also added an additional cloud speed parameter so that I could control the speed of the stars and moon separately, for a nice parallax effect.

Texture samples that need changed in M_Sky.

The most challenging part here was creating the moon texture. As it has such a large area to cover and is projected over a sphere, I had to get the moon shape in the correct area of the texture and bend it appropriately so that it looked correct on the sky sphere mesh. I got there after a lot of trial, error and free transform!

The star and moon textures I created. 

For the colors, I left the material as is but overrode the light based colouring in the details menu. I then tweaked zenith and horizon color until I got close to the reference image.

Tickbox for turning off sun position based color and color controls.

That’s all there was to it for the skybox! Next post will look at the post processing effect.


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