November Wrap Up

Trying a new format for monthly posts!


  • NaNoRiMo 2021
    • Attempted to write a choice of games book, but found the flow necessary to hitting the NaNo word count was difficult to come by when also considering branching and variables. Also – life! 50000 words is a lot.
  • Terrortext
    • Continued work on Terrortext, gave the game an introduction sequence with some voice acting from yours truly.
    • Started working on an event management system. I’m aiming towards an FP with a small number of events.
  • Mahou Shoujo
    • Some formatting changes, renamed some concepts to make them clearer to new players.
    • Created a form to test hypothesis for the Friendship Points system.

Reading and Learning

  • Stephen King’s On Writing
    • I was gifted this book when I moved into narrative design, and it had been lingering on my shelf. It was an enjoyable read, and I might revisit some of the finer points, but ultimately the advice boiled down to ‘just write’.
  • Extra Credits On ‘Achieving Vicarity’
    • Extra Credits argues that Vicarity is when the player feels and behaves as if they are living in the game world. This is achievable though immersion, player wants and expectation gaps.



  • Been thinking about systemic social design again, still no concrete ideas though.
  • Have been increasingly tempted to start up a Vampire the Masquerade game again, though based on last time it will literally take all my project time. I think there’s something in the system I’ve missed though. Considering running the Fall of London module in a limited space of time.
  • The ‘game that feels like a Fickle Friends song’ is also back. I don’t have any mechanical ideas surrounding this yet, but maybe that doesn’t matter – I wrote a whole dissertation on starting with the ‘A’ in MDA in university, perhaps it’s time to dust that off.


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