Useful Blender Things

I’m between 3DS Max licenses at the moment, so it seemed a good opportunity to try and learn blender! This has been so frustrating, but hopefully worth it to learn what is becoming more and more of an industry standard.

This is just a dump of some of the shortcuts and tools I’ve used so far so I can come back to it! Will probably just add to this post as I go.


Ctrl-B – Bevel

Ctrl-R – Edge Loop

S-X/Y/Z – Scale in x, y, or z axis

R-X/Y/Z – Rotate in x, y, or z axis

Tab – Go between edit and object modes

A – Select All

Shift-A – Creation Menu

Object Mode – Ctrl A – Rotation and Scale – Freezes all transform data


Modifier Menu – Mirror

Edit Mode – Mesh – Normals – Flip

Edit Mode – Mesh – Normals – Recalculate Outside

Edit Mode – Mesh – Normals – Average – Custom Normal (Good quick smoothing results)


Negative scale will flip normals randomly, freeze scale then recalculate outside.




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