gridUp! Another Photoshop Tool

I’ve just finished work on a new js photoshop tool! This creates grid lines from a number of frames that the user specifies, using photoshop guides. I haven’t posted about this one because it was pretty small and quick.



This mostly built on the knowledge I gained when making packUp, but there was one very interesting part – non-modal windows. This seems to be a total no-go on Windows OS post CS6. The info that’s out there about it suggests its a bug, but considering I’m working with CC 2019 and still running into issues, it seems like its not being fixed any time soon.

This makes the tool a little annoying to use – ideally I’d have a floating panel the user can have open all the time. It also raises questions for the future of these tools – I was planning a toolset with a parent window that contains them all, but this needs to function like a photoshop panel in order to be of any use.

To make a panel, it seems I either need to use actionscript or write an actual plugin. In terms of ease, the AS is definitely the winner, but I have zero desire to lean AS and the way it then calls your jsx files doesn’t look great to deal with.

A plugin would be better for the user and more elegant to write. The only issue is…it would need to be done in C++. Time to move over to the dark side? We’ll see.

Anyway, here’s a gif.



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