LCD Shader

Today I used my lunch break to get started on an LCD shader for my current project. While the montior casing looks more likley to be CRT, I really like the subpixel element and moire looks that LCD provides.


To create the effect above, I pixelated the main image then multiplied it with the RBG component as a texture.


To pixelate the texture, I multipled the texture by the number of pixels I wanted on screen, rounded that to create a grid, then divided it by num pixels to bring the tiling back down, but clamped to the grid. (Shown below with a 10 pixel grid for ease of understanding – the image at the top uses a 100 pixel grid.)

1  2  3

fixed4 pixel = tex2D(_MainTex, (round(i.uv * _Pixel) / _Pixel));

I then made sure that the uv used to sample the rgb component texture was multiplied by the pixel value, to have them match up.

Capture5   Capture6



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