Starting Something New!

This might be the fastest I’ve started something new after finishing a project! I really liked the style I was working in with my pool shader, so wanted to continue.

I’m taking the rose tinted skybox, blown out lighting and simple shapes to a project I’ve had floating about in my head for a while – a sort of adventure game, sort of visual novel, based on internet mysteries and creepypasta. I’m hoping the juxtaposition of cutesy art direction and darker subject matter will make for something interesting!

I’m letting this one lead with art, as I know if I do mechanics first I’ll never get done! The 3D art will be a computer screen and then the majority of the rest of the art will be UI based.


Below I’ve got a quick first pass of the model with some unity default UI stuff in there. The blinking light is an incredibly simple shader – just a couple lines for that effect!

float blink = round(sin(_Time.y * _Speed) * 0.5 + 0.5);
fixed4 col = _Color * blink;



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