Additions to Nucleus

Added a link to this blog to Nucleus! I used the webbrowser module, which is a nice and easy way to open a webpage.

The new flag tells us weather to use a current window if available, or open a new one, with the values 0 and 1 respectively. Autoraise tells us weather to pop up the window., new = 0, autoraise = True)

Had an interesting gotcha when trying to convert my new .ui file. I’d moved the directory of the script from C:/Users/Amy/Documents… to E:/My Docs/Projects/Pyscripts…
Having the space in the filename meant I couldn’t use pyside-uic.exe without getting the error:

Error: One input ui-file must be specified

The fix is simple – just put double quotes around the filepath! Thought it was worth noting as this is something I will forget it future!

Here’s the new tool! Made myself a nifty wee chrome-wordpress logo. (Though its opening in IE right now – the module is supposed to use your default browser, so I’ll work out what’s going on there later…)





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