Environment Base Shader and Dynamic Emssive Material

I was looking forward to doing some modelling tonight, but ended up starting something at lunch today forgetting that work has max 2017 and I have 16 at home – doh! Instead I worked on a base shader for the environment.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a mega-texture, so I’m not sure if I’m going to get an awful lot of use out of this, but it seemed a sensible place to start if I’m not modelling.

The shader has slots for colour, material, normal and ambient occlusion maps, as well as a colour blend overlay and UV tiling option. Using this I can get multiple materials out of less textures, have to create less shaders and won’t have to compile a whole bunch of shaders at runtime. Lovley!


I also created a dynamic instanced emissive shader. This means I can edit it at runtime. Having a button where I can change the glowy colours in my level? Yes please!

I added my door asset to a blueprint and enabled input on it (totally did this first, didn’t forget and wonder why my blueprint was broken…no, never).


I then setup a key press event with a counter and a switch on int for setting the colour using a set vector parameter value on materials node. I reckon there’s a far better implementation for this, if it becomes more than a silly easter egg I’ll improve it.


And here it is! In its .gif-y glory!



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