Sci Fi Cabin Blockout

Today I started working on a small game idea that’s been floating about in my head – a first person point and click, escape the room style adventure.

I originally had a sort of lab in my head, but after doing some research settled on a small self contained living space, a terraforming pod sort of thing.

concpetsmoodboard 2

I’d like to make this in a style similar to alien isolation – I love the lo fi look and what I’m called “rounded realism”. Its got a touch of stylization to it that I really like without moving into cartoony territory.

Moodboard 1

I started out by setting up my units in max and creating a 6 ft guideline. I then blocked out the space.


I made a few changes along the way, importing into unreal to see how it felt and then making changes where appropriate. At first I had a really long bed and when I shortened it had a big gap that I didn’t know what to do with. It was then I realized the pod had no bathroom…


Last thing I did today was remove the arms and gun from the default first person blueprint.


Looking forward to making some assets and scripts for this!


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