Nucleus 2.0

Got annoyed at not being able to find a lot of folders whilst working yesterday, so decided to make a new, stripped down version of my Nucleus launcher tool.

The original tool set default save paths for specific projects that users could edit, and relied on ini and json files to work. This ended up being somewhat unstable and a little over complicated for day to day use.

The new version of the tool just has links to various commonly used programs and folders.


The script is pretty unsophisticated – just a couple of functions with partial used to call them with arguments when each button is pressed. At a later date I might move the .exe paths out into a const file and use environment variables to find the root rather than hard coding it. For now though this is just a quick set of links for my own personal use.


An interesting thing I came across whilst working on this is that the pyside-uic.exe for converting Qt designer .ui files into .py files does not work if you have a space in the .ui file’s path – it interprets this as multiple ui files.



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