Engine Options for Launcher Tool

My launcher can now launch an engine project along with max!
This one was much simpler – rather than looking to set a folder to save in, I’m just opening a project file.

The tricky part with this was knowing which project was associated with which profile. (The tool has multiple “profiles” for switching between different projects) I had made some real nasty non-scale-able code, using the same name for various entries in the json to iterate over them. This seemed good at the time, but is useless when I need to read multiple entries! I’ve done another hacky tack on to fix it (no doubt I’m going to kick myself for it later) by adding a list with every profile in it that is populated from the json file. The index of these is then used to look up a specific file name in the json. (Writing it down makes me realize how badly planned this whole script was…ugh.)

Oh well! Onwards to more hacky nonsence! Got some fixes to the edit feature to do, bit of clean up with error messages and then onto photoshop support I guess!




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