AmesyExport V0.3

Multi object exporting is in! V0.3 of AmesyExport has been released at

Export V3


The main questions I asked myself on this version were:

  • How do I take multiple objects as a single list entry?
  • How do I group exports at export time only?

The first was much easier than expected – I did not previously realize that a list of lists is completely possible in python!

The second was more of a challenge, but  not one I predicted. I struggled for a bit with getting my new group to move to world origin, as when a group is created with an object center pivot, it still has zeroed translations. My eventual answer was to use the rpr flag.

cmds.move(0,0,0, rpr = True)

The rotatePivotRelative flag moves the object relative to the objects rotate pivot point. To be perfectly honest I’m not sure how this relates to moving in absolute world space, but if I find out I’ll post it up!


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