AmesyExport Roadmap

After adding and planning more functionality to AmesyExport, I realized that its likely to become one of those projects that suffers from feature creep and never really gets finished. To prevent that, I’ve planned out a roadmap from where I am to a version 1, at which point I’ll be happy to call it finished.

V0.1 = Export Functionality

V0.2 = Multi File Export Functionality

V0.3 = Multi Object, Multi File Export Functionality

V0.4 = Dummy Object Insersion

V0.5 = Optional Z up Export

V0.6 = Support for skinned meshes

V0.7 = Dummy Bone Insersion

V0.8 = Keyframe Baking and Animation Export

V0.9 = Automatic Rigid Skinning

V1.0 = UI Overhaul and Release Video

Can’t wait to get this done! A lot of this is new territory, so should be a great learning experience.




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