PBR in Photoshop

Spent a couple of hours today testing out a PBR workflow using just photoshop.

The Model

I wanted to make something hard surface, but very simple and quick, so opted for a simple table.



PBR In Photoshop

I used the values from this quixel chart, matching up median luminosity values to the ones in the chart. I used photoshop’s hypergraph to grab this information.

PBR Values

Here’s the albedo, reflective and metalness maps I made using this technique. The photo was grabbed from textures.com. In order to remove lighting information from the photo, I duplicated it, desaturated the duplicate, inverted it, then set its layer mode to soft light.


(Thanks to this awesome tutorial! https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?52529-PBR-Tutorial-Series)

Material Set Up

I also made a detail normal map, which I added to the material using a DetailTexturing node, something new to me.


End Result

I’m happy with the end result – its pretty boring as there’s not much you can do with a generic pine table – but I think the workflow turned out  well. My only gripe was that I couldn’t import multiple UV sets into Unreal, which meant in order to use AO I had to make all my UVs unique – not how I intended to set up my maps.



As a wee bonus – here’s the difference between this and a similar table I made for my first ever game project!



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